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Hey hosts! I’ve had a number of hosts reach out to me to talk about the benefits of Instagram and Facebook for their businesses. I’m still surprised at how many people are not tapping into these social tools and letting them do their magic!

I’ve made the case for hosts using their immediate social circles to help fill in the gaps in reservations and most look at me like I’ve just asked them to do something illegal. Here’s the point on tapping into your circle of family and friends, they GENUINELY want to support you! I know this is hard to believe for some who have become cynical and have ended up focusing on a few bad apples, but trust me, please, there are good people who outshine any negative relatives or “friends”and they will be happy to support you as well as enjoy the fruits of your hosting business!

I’ve watched a number of hosts open up the dialog on Facebook about how they’re hosting a recent purchase, or they want to share with their family and friends that they did an Airbnb remodel or even simply state in a post on their page that they have last minute availability and friends and family are more than happy to SHARE the host’s listing with THEIR friends! If you don’t tell your circle what you do, who will they go to when they need to house spillover family/friends who come to town? Who will they book with when they decide to take that much needed trip to Mexico or up to the mountains to enjoy a change of scenery? If you guessed your competition, you’re right, but it doesn’t end there, who do you think they’ll recommend to family and friends after they’ve enjoyed another host’s property? WHERE do you think they’ll share pictures from that particular trip AND chances are the people who they share their vacation with will want to know HOW to book the same stay.

Facebook is the largest social media network on the internet followed by YouTube and Instagram. Facebook encompasses everyone from grandma (and her cat) to the up and coming realtor who’s more than happy to help others in real estate achieve their goals. Your family and friends are on Facebook and chances are you’ve become friends with a number of people who you “know of” but maybe don’t have an intimate relationship with but will enjoy seeing your property just as much as the potential guest looking for a property.

See the image above? This photo was taken just last week by my niece whose family flew to Honolulu to attend my nephew’s wedding. She posted this on Facebook to share where she was staying (a gorgeous Airbnb). This is a prime example of a guest using social media and shows that guests who enjoy their stay want to share their experiences with others and use social media to market YOUR property without necessarily intending to.

When it comes to Instagram, there is no other more powerful social media platform in advertising as it’s not only (mostly) a positive approach to sharing information in a pictorial manner, it’s an excellent springboard from Instagram into whichever booking platform YOU decide the user should head to next especially when there’s a call to action in the marketing. Instagram is being used by COUNTLESS hosts looking to maximize their exposure through a social media presence.

Guess what? If I’ve worked with you personally chances are I’M using social media to market your property whenever I see an opportunity. I’ve recently recommended two host clients properties in two different threads on Facebook when someone needed a place in Miami and someone was looking for a place in Austin. In the past I’ve recommended properties in Chicago, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Park City, Atlanta as well as many more. Now imagine if you’ve got a Facebook business page that your friends and family are aware of and that they know someone looking for exactly what you offer? If you’ve taken 15-20 minutes to set up a Facebook business page with a booking link to the platform of your choice you’ve just made the information easy to share and you’ve created a page where the potential guest can enjoy a preview before they click your booking button to make their reservation.

No matter where you’re at in terms of social media marketing and presence, I can guarantee you that your competition is already killing it because they realized the benefit of a social presence years ago. So...

What’s holding you back from creating your property's social presence?

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