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The Psychology of White Sheets

Before becoming an Airbnb host I was drawn to the crisp clean look of hotel linens and decided early on in my career to incorporate as much of the hotel room look into my hosting efforts. I'll be honest, my first impression of using colors in rentals were that I felt colors were a turn off and that they tended to slightly cheapen the experience for me. That's not to say I can't get behind certain patterns, especially if they stayed in a neutral zone.

When it comes to travel and accommodations, I've always been of the mindset that, if I'm going to invest in an experience, I want to stay somewhere as nice or nicer than what I've created at home.

Obviously, hotels like The Ritz and Four Seasons never disappoint, but now that I'm on the road traveling and using Airbnb properties along my way, I depend on that same mindset. I want comfort, class & style that match my own standards or go above. White sheets give me a strong sense of cleanliness. It's psychological, I know that those sheets are laundered with strong stain removers, and I'm more than okay with that, as I want the assurance, especially since the pandemic, that they are as throughly treated utilizing hot water and solvents that clean beyond what is possible in most colored linens.

That's not to say I haven't experimented with the theory. I once had a male guest coming into town to do some roadwork for the city I hosted in and I decided to try out the dark blue sheet set I had on hand thinking it was a safe bet in the event that the dirt from the road might end up on my beautiful white linens after a long day outside. What I didn't factor is that the gentleman using my Airbnb liked to eat pizza in bed...leading to grease stains too stubborn to remove from the set.

I've seen enough evidence, along with working individually with other short term rental hosts, to be convinced that white sheets instill a certain confidence in the guest reserving your property and, if you're still on the fence because you'd like to have that color pop, bed scarves bring a pop that will tie in any room palate and will bring you the best of both worlds.

Hydrogen peroxide, bleach & OxiClean are now officially my new BFFs and that's one more hosting struggle eliminated so that I can go back to doing what I do best!

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