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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

If you've ever had your score lowered by a guest who didn't understand the impact of the review system on short term rental hosts you're not alone. Countless hosts depend on a good score when their guests check out to keep their business thriving and doing well. All it takes is one or two guests who either didn't understand HOW to grade or were careless in how many stars are awarded at the end of their stay. What those same hosts don't always understand is that they can greatly influence that process IF they communicate their needs to their guests without sounding whiny and needy AND it's advantageous to the guest as well.

The best way to help ensure you achieve and maintain a five star (or close to) rating is to obviously give 5 star service, but what about the guest who lowers your score because they had Ritz-Carlton standards? My 5 Star Review sheet will help you tremendously IF you choose to incorporate it into your business plan and IF you share it with your guests!

It's important to recognize WHY your guests are dinging you when they review. Some of the main factors in this problem are our guests don't understand the impact, some of your guests may have found hair in the bathroom or maybe even a simple routine maintenance issue like a burnt out light bulb can cause them to lower your score. Think about this, if you will, when your guest goes through the review they touch on many factors, and if they've lowered your score because of any factor, they typically ALSO lower the star score on the VALUE portion of the review! So, your key is get into your guest's head BEFORE problems arise that you can fix AND after when your guest decides to let you know there's a problem that needs your attention.

How does it work? I recommend that once you receive my 5 Star Review sheet you customize it to include checkout instructions including the TIME you have set for checkout. By doing this you also tackle one of the top ten complaints hosts have about their guests... late checkouts. How can you ensure a guest reads your checkout instructions? After you customize the template to fit your hosting style, laminate the sheet & adhere it to the back of the exit door to your rental AND either put that portion of the guest information in a physical guestbook/guidebook in the unit OR email it on the day of checkout (be careful with how much communication you push at the guest, behind the scenes Airbnb is sending automated messages to your guests as well and they can become easily irritated if both you and another messaging system is too disruptive to their trip). Why is this 5 star review sheet so important? It sets the tone for how to ENSURE a five star experience from both host and guest.

Email me or set up a consultation for more information & to receive my FREE 5 Star Review template.

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