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Need to get your product or service noticed by the right consumer? If your customer is a short term rental owner, you’ve found the right advertising channel.


In 2015, I listed my first Airbnb with great success quickly becoming recognized as a Superhost. I used my professional skills as an SEO expert and marketing consultant to keep my listing booked and started using social media as well as other methods to help others do the same. I joined Facebook groups to share my knowledge and was shocked to learn how many people were seeking help and in turn were being offered bad advice rather than professional expertise. These groups were heavily spammed and loosely monitored by admins and I sensed a huge frustration amongst the hosting community.


In January of 2019, I started a Facebook group with a mission to create a community of STR hosts where tips, hacks, boost exercises, learning and networking could take place in a supportive and trusting environment. My group grew rapidly and before I knew it I had created a positive & trusting community where for hosts grew confident and thrived. I have worked hard over the years to add value to other STR owners through my Facebook group & by working with property owners and as a result, members trust my guidance, advice & expertise. I’ve been fortunate enough to use this in order to give a voice to brands and products that I want to support. Just as I carefully screen my group members, I screen my clients and their products and services. I never support or recommend a company I do not believe in.


I specialize in bringing brand awareness directly to thousands of STR owners. My group is highly receptive to the various ad campaigns that I run for my clients. My credibility as the group founder holds solid influence and the ads I run for clients come across as genuine and organic. I offer a variety of advertising packages so each client can decide what is best for their business. Let’s get started! Click HERE to set up your one on one Zoom consultation & find out more. 

Meagan Munoz is an experienced marketing expert with years of experience since graduating UCSB with a BA in communications. With a passion for driving sales and success to her clients, Meagan has worked for many brands over the years including health and beauty products, beverages, and textiles. Meagan specializes in driving traffic and conversions for her brands through influencer marketing on social media. Her years of experience in digital marketing has helped her determine where target audiences are and how to reach them effectively. 

Meagan joins SR Creative Consults to offer her social media influencer knowledge and digital marketing experience to you. Wondering how she can make a difference for your business? Schedule a consultation with Meagan and let her discuss how adding a digital marketing plan can go beyond your business plan and drive even more traffic to your product or short term rental from other sources. 


In this one-on-one online consultation session we will review your property listing(s) on any short term rental platform to maximize performance in search engines as well as review techniques that have been tested in marketing your short term rental.


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